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5 Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Many people often envision a traditional oak, maple, or pine material to floor their house. However, with a variety of flooring materials to choose from, an often overlooked, underrated material few people might consider is cork flooring.

Don't know very much about cork for your home? Consider these five qualities about cork that will cause you to take a second look at investing in this type of flooring for
your home.

Durable and Easy to Repair

Although cork is a very durable material, it is also relatively soft and gives way under applied pressure, causing it to feel more comfortable under your feet. Because of this reason, cork works great in rooms where you stand a lot or where children play, such as kitchens, living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms.

Because cork is strong, everyday foot traffic will not damage this durable flooring. Thanks to the springy, forgiving nature of cork, you can also place heavy furniture without worrying about permanent dents or scratches being left behind.

Cork is very resistant to cracks and cuts. Although not invincible, cork is relatively easy to repair if any damage does occur. Small holes can easily be filled in, and larger damaged areas can be remedied by simply removing and replacing any damaged planks.

Flame Resistant

Where most woods would burst into flame when exposed to fire, cork's natural flame-resistant qualities prevent it from doing so. Cork combusts at temperatures high enough that the average homeowner has nothing to worry about. And, even if combustion is to occur, cork releases significantly less smoke and toxic substances, unlike fabricated flooring such as vinyl.

In fact, cork flooring can be installed near other flammable materials, so in the event of a fire, the cork will actually help stop the spread of fire.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other wooden materials, trees do not need to be felled to harvest cork. Instead, cork is plucked from within the bark of the cork tree about every nine years, leaving the tree to continue to grow. As a result, cork harvesting does not require new trees to be planted. Cork also biodegrades after its use, making it an environmentally-friendly option.

Healthier for You

Cork is allergy free. It repels dust, hairs, mites, and other tiny particles and does not emit toxic odors or produce microfibers. The air quality in a room can be improved by using cork, so family members with allergies can breathe safely.

Cork contains a waxy substance called suberin, which wards off some small animals and insects. It is resistant to the growth of unwanted organisms like bacteria, mold, and mildew, which are prevalent in humid areas like Virginia Beach. Overall, cork is a naturally clean surface that is easy to keep clean.

Style Versatility

It's a well-known fact that with cork flooring, no two planks will look the same. Cork coloring and patterns are unique - by utilizing different combinations of cork tiles and cork planks, you can create any style you want for your room.

Even better, you can change the finish of your cork floor simply by sanding it down and them choosing a new finish color. Variety in options and the ability to maintain a brand new appearance gives cork flooring an advantage often missing from other traditional flooring options.

Cork flooring is durable, resists fire, and is environmentally friendly and allergy free. If you are searching for additional options in flooring, talk to the experts about the advantages that cork has to offer. Beach Hardwood Floors and More can help you to discover how cork flooring can fit into your lifestyle and your home.

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