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Advantages of Hardwood Flooring for Families With Kids

The floor of your home receives more direct wear and tear than perhaps any other surface, but the wear is even greater when you have children in the house. If you choose the wrong type of flooring, you'll have to replace it much sooner than you might like if the material you pick can't handle heavy daily use.
Don't ignore hardwood flooring as an option for a busy family home. As long as you pick the right type of wood, this kind of flooring is one of the best choices for families with kids for multiple reasons.
High Durability
Hardwood flooring is an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of wood. The term includes everything from soft and easily scratched woods to the hardest tropical hardwoods like Brazilian ebony or cumaru. A wood's hardness is rated on by a measurement known as the Janka scale. Choosing a wood higher on the scale ensures your flooring will handle the wear and tear of a lively child's birthday party or sleepover.
As long as you pick one of the hardest woods, the flooring can handle whatever your family throws at it. If you can't find a wood that is high on the Janka scale while still meeting your budget, choose a wear-resistant material like tile or vinyl.
Repair Options
Unlike most other types of flooring, hardwood materials allow you to completely remove the surface of the floor with a sander and cover the floor in a new layer of stain and sealant. Because visible wear like scratches and stains are inevitable in a house with kids regardless of the flooring you choose, being able to refinish the same flooring multiple times can save you a lot of money over entire replacement every few years.
Choose solid wood planks if you're picking hardwood flooring for its refinishing benefits. While professionals can refinish engineered wood flooring once or twice with good results, the material can't handle further sanding or sealing after a certain point. Solid wood flooring is capable of many more refinishing cycles before possible problems.
Comfortable Options
Hardwood floors offer a lot of customizable options to make your home comfortable. Worried about your child finding the floor too uncomfortable to play on? Rugs are not only a great way to offer a cushioned and comfortable place to stack blocks or color, but rugs also reduce wear on the flooring below.
Many homeowners prefer cleaning a rug with an affordable steam cleaner rather than living with a stain each time a child accidentally spills a cup of grape juice. Wall-to-wall carpeting requires a lot more cleaning and isn't easily replaced like a rug. With hardwood floors and a rug, you can still have comfortable, stylish options without the risks of extensive carpeting.
Aged Detail
Because all flooring eventually shows signs of wear and tear, consider choosing a style that disguises those little scratches and marks. Reclaimed and hand scraped hardwood floors are full of eye-catching natural imperfections that add charm and character to the flooring. All that charm also does a great job of disguising the new wear that might be caused by a child playing with toys inside the house.
Easy Cleanup
Finally, few types of flooring are as easy to clean as hardwood. Use a broom or light vacuum to clean up larger debris, then run a simple dry cloth mop over the surface for fine dirt and dust. Hardwood flooring doesn't need deep steam cleaning like carpet or time-consuming grout scrubbing to keep the floor looking its best.
Improve your home's value and functionality all at once by choosing Beach Hardwood Floors and More to install your new family-friendly floors.

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