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Wood vs Laminate Flooring

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Have hardwood floors been on your home upgrade wish list? If so, you may be deciding between hardwood and laminate flooring. Each type of flooring has its own benefits, such as the beauty of traditional hardwood or the more affordable cost of laminate. You will want to know these four things before making a decision about what material you want for your home.


A major factor to consider is how long laminate and hardwood flooring will last in your home. Laminate flooring material has a wear rating that tells you how long the material will last before it needs replacement. The wear rating is determined by how easily the protective top layer will wear away.

Common actions like pulling out a dining room chair can cause wear that will require premature replacement of the laminate flooring material. A high wear rating means that the laminate material has a longer lifespan. However, the increased protection means a cloudier look to your laminate hardwood flooring due to the thickness of the protective layer.

Hardwood flooring can become damaged over time, but the damage can be repaired. Traditional hardwood is easy to refinish, which helps maintain the original hardwood material. While the hardwood material can eventually be worn away from having the hardwood refinished many times, the chances are high that you won't run into that problem in your lifetime with brand new hardwood flooring.

You must consider the total cost of hardwood flooring when comparing the longevity of the two flooring materials. Laminate could require replacing the material earlier than expected, and hardwood could require refinishing to maintain the material.


Flooring will eventually become damaged with scratches. Thankfully, both laminate and hardwood can be repaired. Hardwood scratches can be repaired by sanding, staining, and refinishing the damaged area. The straightforward repair process makes it possible for your flooring to blend in naturally with the surrounding area if you put in the work.

Laminate flooring can be repaired if the scratch is small by using colored wax. Major damage will require replacing all of the affected floorboards, so you'll need to keep extra material on hand to match the color and texture. Do not assume that you'll be able to buy matching laminate floorboards down the road when they are needed.


Laminate flooring will be an easy material to maintain in your home due to its simplified cleaning routine. Microfiber mops can be used on the surface because the mop does not require the mop head to be soaked in water. Avoid using sponge or string mops due to how they can cause water to get between the cracks of the laminate flooring.

Cleaning with excessive amounts of water can eventually cause laminate floorboard to warp, so stick to simple cleaning routines. While the flooring material's protective layer does a great job at preventing scratches, water can still be a problem.

Hardwood flooring will require a commercial cleaning solution to cut through the dirt and grime on the floor. Murphy's Oil and Bona work great to clean the surface, but you can also make your own hardwood cleaning solution by combining vinegar and warm water.


Laminate flooring will always be the cheaper material of the two. Expect to pay about half as much for laminate than you would pay for hardwood. While laminate is the cheaper material, you must consider the resale value of your floors if you plan to sell in the future. Homebuyers find hardwood flooring more attractive than other materials and are willing to pay more for it. Hardwood can help you recoup the initial installation cost because of the appeal.

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